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Registering for Jan 2022-Jun 2022 Classes and Summer Camp July and August 2022

Updated: Oct 25, 2021


If you want to avoid crowded classrooms, register with us. We are a licensed small school with great learning experience for children age 2-6 yrs old.

​We are also registering for After School Program for year 21-22. Please contact us for a virtual tour as soon as possible for registration. We do have our Covid-19 policy and we will follow all the Ministry of Education and Public Health Guidelines.

Our steps to safety measurements:

. Screening at the door

. Social Distancing encouraged and discussed

. Mask and Eye protection wearing by staff

. Monitoring children's handwashing

. Cleaning of toys and materials daily

. Staff training for protocol and procedures

. No visitors during school time


Summer Camp Information:

Please review and register for as many weeks as you require.

Our summer camps run for the month of July and August and it is on weekly basis. You can register for as many weeks as you require.

We will post the thyme of the week in Mid April as we are closer to the time of camps.

The classes are 9:00- 3:00 pm or 10:00 - 4:00 pm .

Monthly Calendar

Every Month we send a calendar to home and this calendar shows the weekly theme and what we are working on and you can check their bags a week before end of month for the next month calendar.  Please talk to them and ask them what they have learned.  Also if you see their name on a specific day it means, they need to bring something special (book/Toy/Picture) that they like to talk about as we are encouraging them to speak in circle time and help their confidence. 

Important Repeated Information and Requests

At the moment our classes starts at 9:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm sharp.  please do not keep them waiting.  

Please give them all the hugs and kisses before ringing the bell and walk them to the door and we will take care of them as soon as they come in. You do not need to follow them inside the school even if they are crying. The longer you keep the goodbye the longer is the separation anxiety. If we can not calm them down we will contact you. We have to Screen children before you leave them with us so just wait few minutes until we let you know if the screening is successful.

Do not forget to bring a change of clothes and indoor shoes and make sure all their bags and clothes are labeled. 

Do not allow them to bring any toys from home as we have a lot and if they  get mixed up we can not find them.  our rule is home toys stay at home and school toys stay at school.

In case your child is absent or not attending the school please send a quick text to our phone or email and inform us. 

Thank you


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